Yarrow & stinging nettle tea | A plant-based spray used in organics and Biodynamics. It is made from yarrow flowers and stinging nettles. Both plants are also used to make compost preparations, two of nine preparations used by Biodynamic growers.

Why used | Pierre Masson (1998, p.27) says a combined yarrow and stinging nettle tea regulates cryptogamic and insect activity. For one hectare suggests putting a handful of yarrow flowers in 10 litres of cold water which is then brought to the boil. A small bucketful of fresh or dried stinging nettles is thrown in and the boiling liquid is then removed from the heat. This is then left to macerate and cool before the concentrate is filtered off, used and diluted as required (indication from Michel Leclaire, market gardener in Champagne).

Other names | La tisane mélangée de l’achillée mille-feuille et d’ortie (French).

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