Williams & Humbert is a conventional winery in the Sherry region of Spain.

History: Williams and Humbert was founded in the 1880s. In the 1980s it ‘fell victim to fraudulent practices by its then owners. It was expropriated by the Spanish government in 1983, which sold it on to a Dutch supermarket chain, before it was bought in 2005 by the Medina family,‘ says Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW (’10 Young Guns’ by Pedro Ballesteros Torres, Decanter, March 2018, p.36-46).

Winemaker: Paola Medina of the owning family is trying to replace sherry made by the traditional solera system, whereby a consistent house style is maintained by blending wines from newer vintages with mature wines from older vintages, with a single-vintage or añada system whereby wine from the most recent single harvest is bottled when the protective layer of flor (yeast) is past is peak and starts dying off.