Vigliano is an estate located in Lastra a Signa in the Metropolitan City of Florence.

Owner: Brothers Lorenzo and Paolo Marchionni (+39 338 246 9191). Their parents–a doctor and a nurse–bought the estate in the 1970s as an escape from city life. Their sons, Paolo and Lorenzo Marchionni realized early on where their true passion lay, frequently ditching school to hang out with old local farmers. Such was their connection to the land that when it came time to start selling their wines, they named their project  ‘Paolo e Lorenzo Marchionni a Vigliano’, or ‘Vigliano’ for short, after their home village, 15 kilometers west of Florence. 

Paolo and Lorenzo began making wine in 1993 (at 16 and 20 respectively), and by 1997 they had bottled 1,960 bottles of L’Erta Rosso, putting them on the market 2 years later. Paolo and his wife Novella now manage the day-to-day operations of the estate, with the input of Lorenzo who participates while also maintaining his law practice.  

Staff: Andrea Paoletti consults.

Vineyards: South-west of Florence. Near the Roveta wood and the Church of San Martino alla Palma. Just under 7ha. 90% Sangiovese. Also Trebbiano Toscano (1967), and 0.5ha of Chardonnay (1981). A stony plateau with a 15-20% slope. 4,700 vines per hectare. Cordon trained, with pruning that limits cutting on old wood, thus favoring a controlled branching of the spur upwards.

Soil: Fine sand and silt with limestone clasts from the Alberese area and with rare traces of loose clay, especially in the lower areas. There is also a marked section of sheletro. Well drained due to the the composition of the soil (fine sand) and for the slope itself. Also Limestone, marl.

Organic certification: 2014 First vintage with full organic certification.

Winemaking: Hand picked. Natural wines. The wines all ferment in small concrete vats (spontaneously), after which they are raised in concrete or in used oak barrels. The white wines see some degree of skin contact and they also make a small quantity of rosé. 

White wines

Chardonnay, L’Erta: Dry white from 1ha of Chardonnay. This used to be a Chardonnay-based white called Brìcoli.

Red wines

RossoVigliano: Fresh style red from mainly Sangiovese. Steel with a bit of wood. | 2013 57 mg/l total sulfites (Source: catalogue for RAW, London 17/18 May 2015).

Vigna dell’Erta: Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged in tonneau and barrique.

Vigna dell’Erta Sangiovese: The top wine. 100% Sangiovese made in the best years.

Other crops: 3,000 olive trees.



Fraz San Martino alla Palma

Via Carcheri 309

Loc. Vigliano, I-50018 San Martino alla Palma (FI = Firenze), Italy

Tel+39 055.8727006 | Website