United Kingdom wine consumption: See United Kingdom.

‘The amount of wine drunk in Britain has risen more than sevenfold since 1960, while the population has grown by only 25%,’ (‘Cheers!’, The Economist December 23rd 2017, p113).

Organic wine sales: Supermarket sales of organic beer, wines and spirits (BWS) grew ahead of overall organic supermarket sales in 2020. BWS supermarket sales were up 32.9% for the 12 month period ending 2 Jan 2021, according to Nielsen, compared to 12.5% growth for overall organic supermarket sales during the same period, as revealed in the Soil Association Certification’s Organic Market Report 2021. This marks the highest year on year growth rate in the organic market since 2005, with a 10th consecutive year of growth, said the Soil Association Certification. Increased product availability allied to consumer concerns were in play. Year on year growth for the total organic market rose 12.6% to £2.79bn in 2020, according to the the Soil Association Certification. Online sales accounted for almost 25% of the total sales (including supermarket online sales).