The Biodynamic Preparation Numbers 500–508 | Biodynamic growers refer to the Biodynamic preparations 500-508 either by name or by a three-digit code or lot number, the latter simplifying things when having to communicate in a foreign language. This site uses both the name and number together for clarity. One theory suggests that because during the Third Reich (1933-45) the biodynamic preparations, as well as the German biodynamic farmers’ group (Demeter Bund) and its research body (Forschungsring) which Rudolf Steiner had suggested be created were forbidden in Germany, those farmers and researchers who were working with biodynamics decided to code the nine preparations, with “500” for horn manure, “501” for horn silica and so on, to avoid discovery. In fact, the numbers assigned to the biodynamic preparations are lot numbers dating from when Weleda began to catalogue its plant-based anthroposophic medicines for humans (see Anthroposophy). Weleda listed the biodynamic preparations as anthroposophic remedies, albeit for the soil and crops rather than for humans directly.


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