Tenuta Migliavacca, mixed biodynamic estate with both vineyards and livestock in the Piemonte region of north-west Italy. Wines are made under the Barbera del Monferrato DOC, the Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC, and the Monferrato DOC Freisa.

OwnerFrancesco Brezza (+39 339 2458574). He took over in 1994 after his father Luigi, who had initiated biodynamics here in the 1970s (the first, or one of the first in Italy to do so) died underneath a caterpillar tractor. The late Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi was one of his pupils.

BiodynamicsFrancesco ted me he sees Biodynamics as a practical tool and has no interest in lecturing people about it but would rather be judged on the quality of his crops.

Certification1964 Organics begins. 1970 Certified for the first time. | 2008 Demeter certified. 2017 Still Demeter certified Biodynamic.


Other cropsCereals are grown as fodder the estate’s livestock. Only when there is an excess is this sold. The estate sells  flour and meat meat (to private clients only).

Red wines

Barbera del Monferrato DOC | The grapes were sold to the Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi.

Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOCGrignolino for sale direct from the winery in bottles and demi-johns. Aged in botti.

Monferrato DOC Freisa


Tenuta Migliavacca


Via Tenuta Migliavacca, 31

I – 15020 San Giorgio Monferrato (AL = Alessandria), Italy

Tel+39 0142.781761