Solaris is a white wine grape variety, an interspecific hybrid bred for its resistance to fungal disease organisms (see PIWIs). Solaris was created in 1975 at the grape breeding institute in Freiburg, Germany by Helmut Becker. Solaris ripens early and has good resistance both against fungal diseases and frost, and thus is suited to cooler climes.

Wine style: Wines are best drunk young. High potential must weights make Solaris suitable for dessert wines.

Advantages: Very high yield. Spraying is hardly ever necessary, so ideal for organics. The wine is very easy to drink, and is ideal for blending with strong muscat varieties such as Schönburger. Very early harvest, high ripeness. High yielding, reliable in a poor climate. Should not need any spraying. Nice wine, develops early. An excellent variety.

Disadvantages: Very strong growth requiring a lot of summer leaf-work. Strong growth of side-shoots. In England it can suffer from botrytis bunch rot near to harvest.

Source: Llaethliw vineyard, Wales.