Sarah Heller MW (Master of Wine–see Masters of Wine) is based in Hong Kong. She is a wine communicator, content creator, visual artist and designer (her boutique design agency is called Radix + Folium), wine branding expert and consultant. Having worked in New York’’s wine trade while getting her degree at Yale, Sarah was then Executive Director of Hong Kong’s Meiburg Wine Media for three years. She subsequently started her own firm through which she consults on Chinese distribution and e-commerce; Asian market-appropriate packaging design, branding and training materials; and F&B wine programme design. Sarah is also a journalist, writing for the South China Morning Post, Spirito di Vino and #legend magazines. She is a brand ambassador and design collaborator for Lucaris Crystal, and is in charge of wine selection for the Almásy Collection of Central European wines. She produces an art series called Visual Tasting Notes, and her educational wine videos on Chinese app ShowMuse have views that run into the millions. Sarah regularly judges competitions like the CX HKIWSC and Wine100 in Chiana. She won the 2013 Vintners’ Cup (when passing her Master of Wine exam). She is a SWE CSS and CSW. Sarah became a Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) Italian Wine Ambassador and from 2018 was asked to sit on the VIA faculty.