Rhône-Alpes, now part of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, is a former region of southeast France bordering Switzerland and Italy. Its Massif Central mountains and dramatic canyons carved by the Ardèche River are popular for hiking and rafting. The city of Lyon is a cultural and culinary hub with a Renaissance and medieval centre. In Bourg-en-Bresse, the Gothic Royal de Brou monastery has ornate royal tombs with marble statues.

The Rhône-Alpes wine-growing area revolves around three major wine regions. These are the Rhône and the Loire, which include the appellations of Beaujolais, Forez (see Côte du Forez AOC) and Roannais (see Côte Roannaise AOC); the Rhône Valley and its many appellations from the Côtes from the Rhône (southern and northern) to the wines of the Diois; and finally, further east, the wines of Savoie (Savoy) and Bugey.

Ardèche River