Pieropan, a family business founded in 1880 in Palazzo Pullicci in Soave by Leonildo Pieropan. He was a physician based in Soave. He used his knowledge of biology and chemistry, and began working in the family vineyards. His sons were Guido and Fausto.  The family was the first to bottle a wine with the name Soave on the label, in the early 1930s. Nino Pieropan took over from his father in 1970 and was the first to make a single vineyard wine, Calvarino, in 1971. Nino’s two sons, Andrea and Dario, now work with him running the estate. In 1999, the Pieropan family bought a property in the Val d’Illasi to the west of Soave Classico in the Valpolicella production. They planted eight hectares with vines, now increased to 20,’ (Liberty Wines).

Vineyards: Pieropan’s estate covers 40 hectares of vineyard situated on the stony hills of the Soave Classico zone.

Organic certification: 2014 Certified organic.

White wines

Soave Classico DOC, Calvarino: From the Calvarino site in Soave. Land in the Monte Calvarino cru was the first parcel to belong to the estate, and was purchased in 1901. It forms a 6ha, south facing amphitheatre. This is planted with 70% Garganega (structure and acidity) and 30% Trebbiano di Soave (aromas, richness). The vines are between 30 and 60 years old. The vines are on terraces, at 200 to 300m above sea level, planted at a density of 3000 vines per hectare. The soil is basalt of volcanic origin from the tertiary epoch, rich in calcium. The vineyards are farmed organically.  There are usually at least two harvests to ensure the grapes are picked at the best possible stage of ripeness. The name Calvarino actually means “small ordeal”, due to the difficulty of working the soil and to the tortuous path to reach the estate. | 2014 Fermented and aged in glass-lined concrete tanks, aged in tank on fine lees for 12 months. |  2015 Lovely acid, smooth yellow fruit (tasted at the Daniele Cernilli blind tasting, San Gimignano, 14th February 2018).

Soave Classico DOC, La Rocca

Red wines

Amarone della Valpolicellaa DOCG, Vigna Garzon: In 1999, The Pieropan family bought uncultivated land on the hill of Garzon in Cellore Illasi in the Illasi valley west of Soave. Pieropan planted vines here in 2000, the Valpolicella varieties, namely Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Croatina Veronese. The vines are trained using the Guyot system, with 5,800 vines per hectare. The vineyard is south-facing and at 400 metres above sea level. Soil is limestone and clay soil. The site is windy and has a dry micro-climate. The vineyard is certified organic. | 2010 60% Corvina Veronese, 35% Rondinella, Croatina Veronese + other local grapes. | 2014 60% Corvina, 40% Croatina, Rondinella. 16.5%. A lighter style in terms of tannin expression leaving lightish soft raspberry fruit with a twist of sherbet lemon acidity, the lattergiving the wine its levity. A fluid, immediate style topped off by some new vanilla oak. Populist for sure, profound not really, but well executed popularism such as this has its fans, given that Amarone is often accused of being too dense, heavy, oaky and sweet-tasting (tasted blind for Decanter in London 17 Jan 2019).

Sweet wines

Recioto di Soave DOC, Le Colombare

Passito della Rocca | Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italico (Welschriesling), Trebbiano di Soave.