Pfeiffer Field Spray Concentrate | A plant-based spray created by Dr Ehrenfried Pfeiffer. It is made in a similar way to his compost starter (Pfeiffer Compost Starter) but was intended to be sprayed directly on farmland. Its role was to build humus and help stubble or cover crops (green manures) to break down before they were ploughed into the soil (Courtney: 50/2005, p.9). Two variations of Pfeiffer’s field spray concentrate include Maria Thun’s Barrel Compost Spray 502-507 and Peter Proctor’s Cow Pat Pit Spray (CPP) 502-507.


Hugh Courtney., ‘Brief directions for the use of biodynamic sprays 500, 501 and 508’, Applied Biodynamics 50/2005, p.9.