Peposo is a typical Tuscan meat dish, originally from Impruneta (‘peposo dell’Impruneta’). It is a stew (‘in umido’) cooked in the oven for up to three hours. It generously seasoned with black pepper (and garlic), and a little tomato and red wine (Chianti). It seems to have been invented by the fornacini of Impruneta (the people in charge of cooking bricks in the kilns) who used to put the pieces of muscle in an earthenware pan with the other ingredients and place it at the mouth of the oven so that it could cook very slowly. After a few hours the meat was ready. The terracotta products of Impruneta are renowned (jars, jars, amphorae, bricks and tiles). The bricks for Brunelleschi’s dome of the Florence Cathedral were also fired in the ovens of Impruneta.