MASSETO, red wine made from Merlot grown in Castagneto Carducci in Livorno province on the Tuscan coast.

The name | Masseto means ‘field of stones’ in Italian. 

Vineyards | The wine is said to come from an area with a unique terroir compared to its surroundings. It was formerly a swamp containing stones, sand and clay, subject to the action of a salt sea. Disintegration of the nearby mountains pushed the area down, before it was raised up again via tectonic forces. The unique feature is that here Pliocene clays re-appeared. Clay soils are ideal for Merlot (eg Pomerol). The first vineyards were planted in the early 1980s. The vineyard is subject to direct coastal influences. The first vintage bottled as Masseto was 1987. From 2019 Masseto has had its own underground cellar, designed by Hikaru Mori and Maurizio Zito.