Mas Doix | Winery in the town of Poboleda in the Priorat region of Spain. Owners the Doix family have lived in the region for many generations (Andrew Jefford, March 2018). They and their cousins, the Llagostera family, sold their Priorato grapes to the co-op until 1998. Sandra Doix’s great great-grandfather planted the oldest Carignan (Carinyena) vines in the town of Poboleda’s pre-phylloxera heyday when its population was 2,000, compared to 374 in 2017, (‘High ambition’ by Andrew Jefford, Decanter, March 2018, p.48-57).

Vineyards | In Poboleda, at almost 600 metres (1,968 feet), with breezes from the Siurana river (Andrew Jefford, March 2018). 

Red wines

Priorat DO Tinto, Salanques | The second wine.

Priorat DO Tinto, Mas Doix | 2001 Grenache Noir, Carignan Noir, Merlot. Oak apparent immediately on the nose with wild fruit beneath; too much oak for the fruit for me at this stage, oak starting to make the grape tannins taste a bit dry and stretched in March 2004 at the Outlaws wine tasting, Old Bridge in Huntingdon 7th March 2004.

Priorat DO Tinto, Mas Doix 1902 | From 100% Carignan Noir at almost 600 metres (feet) planted in 1902.

Priorat DO Tinto, Vinyes Velles | Old vines.


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