Martinborough Vineyard | Estate in the Martinborough region in the north island of New Zealand.

Owner | Bill Foley (American winery owner) since 2014.

White wines

Chardonnay | 1985 100% barrel fermented. | 1991 A watershed vintage. | 1992 100% MLF. | 1993 100% MLF. | 1994 30% MLF. A botrytis version was also made.

Pinot Gris | 2002 Decent full style when tasted at the winery on Wednesday 11th February 2004.


Red wines

Pinot Noir, Martinborough Vineyard, Martinborough1984 Debut vintage of this wine. Made by Russel Schultz. | 1986 First vintage here for Larry McKenna. | 1990 First Pinot Noir made here with some whole clusters. | 1991 Reserve Barnyardy, and called ‘malodourous’ by the Health Department but the wine was still bought by Air New Zealand. | 1994 Described at the time as ‘perhaps the best Pinot Noir New Zealand had so far produced’

Te Tera Pinot Noir | 2009 £12.50 from the Wine Society (Christmas list October 2010-January 2011).


Martinborough Vineyard, New Zealand


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