Keeler Estate is a Demeter-certified Biodynamic vineyard in Amity, a city in Yamhill County in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA in the wider Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon.

Background: In 1989 Craig and Gabriele Keeler began a new chapter in their lives and acquired the 81 hectare (200 acre) property in Amity, Oregon. It had been abandoned, and was over grown with blackberries, but had views to the south of Mary’s Peak 65 miles (104 km) to the south, and of Oregon’s coastal mountains. They moved there in 1990.

Estate vineyards: The vines face south southwest. 2013 74 hectares (30 acres of vines) planted. Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), Pinot Noir, Chardonnay. | 2018 74 hectares (30 acres of vines) producing 1,600 cases. Clones: The owners planted grafted ENTAV-INRA® certified clones. Pinot Noir clones 667, 777, 115, 943, Pommard 04, 05 and Wädenswil. Chardonnay clones 44, 75, 76 and 95. Pinot Gris clones 04 and 52. In honor of Gabriele’s German heritage they planted Riesling ENTAV-INRA® 49.

Terroir: The vineyard gets coastal influence through the Van Duzer corridor. Winds from the west constantly blow. The planted hillside ranges from 70-152 metres (230-500 feet) in elevation. Soil sare comprised of Steiwer, Chehulpum, Hazelair and Shallow Sedimentary soils with underlying remnants of an ancient ocean bed. Some vineyard blocks have virtually no topsoil and consist of sand stone full of fossilized sea creatures and molluscs.

Biodiversity: There are also gardens, forest, lakes, streams, landscaping and plenty room for entertaining. Natural areas, insectaries, fruit trees, gardens, encouragement of wildlife activity by for example building colorful perches throughout the vineyard for owls and hawks (for vole control).

Biodynamic certification: 2010 First vintage with Demeter Biodynamic certification for both vineyard and winery.

White wines

Chardonnay: 2015 Made with Biodynamic grapes (as opposed to Biodynamic Wine). 115 cases.

Pinot Gris Dolia: 2016 Made with Biodynamic grapes (as opposed to Biodynamic Wine). 138 cases.

Red wines

Pinot noir: 2015 Made with Biodynamic grapes (as opposed to Biodynamic Wine). 330 cases.


Keeler Estate

5100 SE Rice Lane. 

Amity, OR 97101, USA


International Biodynamic Wine Conference, San Francisco 6-7th May 2018.