Isola del Giglio or Giglio is a mountainous island in the Tuscan archipelago and in the Tyrrhenian Sea, approximately 15 miles (25km) off coastal south-west Tuscany, Italy. It falls within the commune of Grosseto in Grosseto Province. The island is one of seven that form the Tuscan Archipelago, lying within the Arcipelago Toscano National Park near the island of Elba. For most of the Middle Ages the island came under the control of Pisa and Florence. Giglio wines were exported to the Vatican and to the Republic of Genoa.

Vineyards: At one stage two-fifths of Giglio was covered in vines.

Getting there: A boat service runs from Porto Santo Stefano on the mainland to Giglio Porto on the east coast.

Tourism: Campese is the main bathing resort. The medieval village of Giglio Castello is surrounded by walls.

Wards or ‘frazioni’ (7): Arenella; Cannelle (Località); Giglio Campese; Giglio Porto; Isola di Giannutri; Spalmatoio-Ischiaiola; Villaggio Grotte (Località).

White wines: Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario DOC.


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