Il Greppo & Podernuovo are two sub-regions of Montalcino in Tuscany which neighbour each other, just south-east of the town of Montalcino itself. Mainly east-facing and at an elevation of 430-500 metres (1,410-1,640 feet) this is a cool, high altitude area, well adapted to a warming climate. Il Greppo is where the Biondi-Santi winery is located. Immediately to the south is Pian dell’Orino’s winery and one of its vineyards. Further east, with views across the Orcia valley, the Podernuovo vineyards of Casanova di Neri are found (which see for more detail on this area’s soil types). 

Wine styleThe Rosso di Montalcino DOC and Brunello di Montalcino DOCG wines from the Il Greppo and Podernuovo areas show noticeable acid strength (low pH), and acids which are stable enough not to precipitate prematurely in bottle (in contrast to Torrenieri, for example). The wines are fluid in terms of mouthfeel, with elegant, smooth tannins, and yet with the substance to give the Sangiovese notable potential longevity. 


Certified Biodynamic: Pian dell’Orino.

Certified organicLe Ragnaie.

No certification: Biondi Santi. | Casanova di Neri. | Tenuta Crocedimezzo.