Germany, Football

1954 World Cup–’Miracle of Bern’‘Football is especially vital to Germans’ self-image, partly because they are very good at it but also because Germans can be wary of other expressions of patriotism. Many West Germans feel that, psychologically, they became a country not in 1949 but in 1954, when the Federal Republic won the first of four World Cups in the so-called “miracle of Bern.” (The Economist 21st Nov 2015, p.28).

2006 World CupThe 2006 World Cup, which Germany hosted, ‘was a turning-point in modern Germany’s self-image. Dubbed a “summer fairy tale”, it was a month-long festival of good feelings. It was the first time since the second world war when Germans enthusiastically waved their flag without provoking bad reactions at home or abroad. Germans showed themselves to be fun, optimistic, tolerant and even (on the pitch) elegant,’ (The Economist 31st Oct 2015, p.27).


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