Galgon is a commune in the Fronsadais on the right bank of the Bordeaux region whose vineyards are entitled to the Fronsac AOC.

Vineyard area: 1976 30 parcels of vines comprising 26 hectares (64.2 acres) were allowed the Fronsac AOC by virtue of their ‘qualités agrologiques’ after advice from Professor Henri Enjalbert (Bernard Ginestet, 1994, p.31). The rest of Galgon’s vines are allowed only the generic Bordeaux AOC.

Population: 2,800 (Bernard Ginestet: 1994, p.31).

Church: Fortified Romanesque church dating from the 12th-century.

History: Ruined fortifications, temple built by the Chevaliers de Malte.

Wineries: Château Mayne-Vieil.