Domaine de La Chevalarie is a Biodynamic estate in Restigné in the Bourgueil AOC in the Touraine region of France’s Loire Valley. The Caslot family has farmed here since 1640.

Owners: Pierre & Danielle Caslot (12th generation) and from 2003 their children Stéphanie (winemaker, d.2021), her sister Laurie, and brother Emmanuel Caslot (vineyards).

Vineyards: 38 hectares (94 acres) mainly in Restignié, including 5 hectares (12.3 acres) added in 2009. 100% Cabernet Franc.

Biodynamic practices: Horn manure 500 is bought in from Guy David in Orléans. Horn silica 501 is sprayed in spring (but not sprayed after harvest). Equisteum arvense 508 is used. The main plant-based spray is stinging nettle tea. Dynamizing takes place in a copper dynamizer from Eco-Dyn.

Certification: 2006 Organic conversion begins on all 33 hectares (81 acres). 2008 First vintage with full organic certification. 2009 Biodynamic conversion begins on the exisiting 33ha + another 5 hectares (12.3 acres). 2012 All 38 hectares (94 acres) are fully certified Biodynamic by Demeter for the first time. | 2017 Still certified biodynamic by Demeter.

Winery: The ageing cellars are beneath the main courtyard.


The range consists of Bourgueil cuvées differentiated by soil type.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Bretêche: From Clay-limestone, younger vines to Busardières, below.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Busardières: From the oldest vines planted on limestone-clay [sic] soils.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Casiopée:

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Caslot:

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Cuvée de La Chevalerie: 2008 Perfumed, not over-extracted, balanced & fresh at the Real Wine Fair Tobacco Dock 17-18th April 2016. Rich, lovely fresh fruit at Real Wine Fair London 2017.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Dyptique Vin de Lune: From gravel. 2015 Fresh, sappy, frank, VG at RWF 2017.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Les Galichets: From clay soils containing silica. 2011 Well made at Millésime Bio 2014.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Grand-Mont: From limestone. 2011 Nice firmness at Millésime Bio 2014.

Bourgueil Rouge AOC, Peu-Muleau: From sandy soils.


Domaine de La Chevalerie

7 rue du Peu Muleau, La Chevalerie

F-37140 Restigné (Indre et Loire), France

Tel+33 (0) or 46.32


Jan 2015, interview at Millésime Bio.