Domaine de Reuilly | Biodynamic winery producing wines under the Reuilly AOC in the Central Vineyards area of the Loire Valley in France.

Owner | Denis Jamain. Speaks English having studied in the USA. Took over here in 1990. His maternal grandfather, Camille Rousseau, planted the original vineyards here in the mid-1930s.

Vineyards | 15 hectares (37 acres) in Reuilly. The main grape is Sauvignon Blanc (for Reuilly Blanc), with lesser amounts of Pinot Gris for Reuilly Rosé and Pinot Noir for Reuilly Rouge. The vines are planted on gentle slopes of limestone and clay.

Certification | 2012 First vintage with full organic certification. | 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic.

Winemaking | Oak for the barrels used here comes from forest Denis inherited from his maternal grandfather.


Reuilly Blanc AOC, Domaine de Reuilly | Sauvignon Blanc from plots called ‘Les Pierres Plates’ (see below) and ‘Les Coignons’. These are on Kimmeridgian clay with concentrated amounts of fractured limestone. 32% active lime. Average slope of 5-20%. 6,300 vines per hectare (2,550 vines per acre). Single guyot pruning. Debudding to seven buds per cane. Around 60hl/ha (24hl/acre).

Reuilly Blanc AOC, Les Pierres Plates | From early harvested but older Sauvignon Blanc vines in ‘Les Pierres Plates’ (see above). This cuvée is bottled slightly later than the tradition, around June, and is more concentrated and durable.

Reuilly Blanc AOC, Les Fossiles / 2012 Bit dilute at Millésime Bio 2014. | 2013 Cool citrus at Millésime Bio 2014.

Reuilly Blanc AOC, Les Fossiles | 2012 Nice-ish, but again a bit dilute at Millésime Bio 2014.

Reuilly Rosé AOC, Domaine de Reuilly / Pinot Gris.

Reuilly Rouge AOC, Domaine de Reuilly / Pinot Noir.


Domaine de Reuilly

Chemin des Petites Fontaines, F-36260 Reuilly (Indre), France

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