BLUE HERON RANCH is a Biodynamic single vineyard in Mendocino County owed by Fetzer Vineyards. It is located between the shore of the upper Russian River and a blue heron nesting site and preserve. The fertile riverbank location (alluvial riverbank soil) is the coolest part of the Mendocino County Valley floor. It produces grapes for Fetzer’s Bonterra range, plus a single vineyard Chardonnay called ‘The Roost’ (see below).

VINEYARDS | 26.7 hectares (66 acres).

BIODYNAMIC CERTIFICATION | Certified Biodynamic by Demeter.


THE ROOST, BLUE HERON VINEYARD | 2015 Mendocino County AVA 14.3% alcohol. 100% Chardonnay. Demeter certified Biodynamic farming. 100% MLF. Smooth and oaky when tasted at the International Biodynamic Wine Conference, San Francisco 07 May 2018.