BODEGAS AROA is a winery in the Navarra region of Spain. It was founded in 1998 when vineyards were replanted on former vineyard land that had been converted to cereal crops. The winery was built in 2000. Among the investors was a former professional footballer. In 2013 Aroa’s owners approached the VINTAE group who eventually bought the estate (but the previous owners still had a shareholding in late 2016, Ricardo Arambarri Pérez of the VINTAE group told me in 2016)

THE NAME | The name derives from the Basque word signifying the ideal moment to work the land.

TERROIR | The vineyards cover three different estates on the flat land and slopes around Zurukoain, in the Yerri Valley. This is one of the highest areas of Navarre (at 750-770 metres), and is distinctive because of its coolness and the influence that the proximity of the Cantabrian Sea contributes to its climate. The area is protected by the Andía and Urbasa mountains. These run parallel to the Santiago de Compostella pilgrims’ route.

VINEYARD AREA | 2002 16ha. | 2003 16ha. | 2007 16ha. | 2016 20ha. | 2017 23ha. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION | 2000 Organic practices began in 2000 (I think). | 2002 16ha (AB) CPAEN-NNPEK. | 2017 Certified organic.

WINERY | This dates from the C17th. Modern building with a wooden roof and underground/on a lower level a steel tanks vat room (see website).


NAVARRA BLANCO | 2015 Laia. 100% Grenache Blanc. Clean, crisp at Millésime Bio Jan 2016.


NAVARRA TINTO JAUNA | 2000 Crianza One third each Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo. 12 months in US oak. 15,000 bottles. Smoky oak at Millésime Bio Jan 2003. | 2001 Crianza Tight and light, simple at Millésime Bio Jan 2004.

NAVARRA TINTO, DEIO | 2001 40% Tempranillo, 30% Cab Sauv, 30% Merlot. 9 months in US oak. 20,000 bottles. Lots of oak with not much underneath at Millésime Bio Jan 2003.

NAVARRA TINTO, LE NATUREL | 2013 100% Grenache Noir. No added sulfites. 2,000 bottles. Light, fluid, OK, not too funky at Millésime Bio Jan 2016.


AROA TINTO SIN SULFITAS | 2016 Grenache Noir and a bit of Merlot. Fermented in stainless steel. Nice, fresh fruit, followed by dry tannin and cheese (reduction) at the Real Wine Fair 2017.


Real Wine Fair 2017, Tobacco Dock. London 7-8th May.



Deierriko Proiektu Biologikoak SAL

C/Berokia 7, E-31292 Zurukoain (Navarra), Spain

Tel+34 0948.541121 or 555394