BEE HOTELS or BEE CONDOS are man-made nesting areas designed for those bee species which, unlike honey bees, make no honey but which nevertheless play a vital role in crop pollination, despite flying significantly shorter distances from the nesting area when foraging compared to honey bees. A bee hotel consists of an above-ground shelter within which narrow, tube-shaped spaces are created, typically by drilling deep holes of various diameters into horizontally laid pieces of (untreated) wood. These holes resemble the kind of environments bees will seek out in the wild to live in: hollow plant stems, timber which has cracked by weathering or been hollowed out by woodworm. Suitable crevices may also be created in bricks or dried mud, and in stones which are loosely laid and selected for their non-linear shapes. Bee hotels should be sited within easy distance of habitats containing a range of plants flowering successively to provide constant sources of pollen. The inside of the hotel should remain dry at all times and should be sited in a warm, sunny position.