Bart Arnst | Viticulturist and organic wine-growing consultant based in the Marlborough region in his native New Zealand via his company, Marlborough Organics (certified by BioGro). Bart began his vineyard journey in Canterbury. He then relocated to Marlborough to manage vineyards for Montana. He began experimenting with organics around 1996. He moved to the Seresin estate and took their vineyard through organic conversion until January 2006 when he left.

In 2005 Arnst had completed an organic consultant course (in Wellington) accredited by New Zealand’s leading certification body, the New Zealand Biological Producers Council (Bio-Gro) and by IFOAM. Those who successfully complete the accredited organic consultant course can then legally be recommended by Bio-Gro to anyone with organic viticulture enquiries. From late 2005 Bart was dividing his time between his former full-time employer Seresin and his own clients, Rock Ferry being his first. In 2007 Bart teamed up with Chris Darling to launch ‘The Darling‘ (which see).

Spare time | Coaches rugby. Likes fishing, mountain bikes.