ATTICA, a wine region in Greece.

VINTAGES | 2000 A heatwave stressed the Savatiano grapes in 2000 (Nico Manessis in Wine Report 2008, p220). / 2001 2001 was much better than 2000 for Savatiano if drip-irrigated (Nico Manessis in Wine Report 2008, p220). | 2003 Evharis Estate says Attika (sic) experienced unusually heavy winter rainfall. Weather conditions during the 2003 growing season allowed the grapes to mature normally. Evharis began harvesting on August 17th with Chardonnay, followed by Merlot, Syrah, Assyrtiko, Grenache Noir, Roditis and finally Savatiano and Aghiorgitiko from mid to late September.

WINERIES | Evharis Estate.


Wine Report 2008 edited by Tom Stevenson (Dorling Kindersley, 2007.