Albatreti is an estate winery in Località Albatreti in the Montalcino region in Tuscany, Italy. It makes wine under the Sant’Antimo Rosso DOC, Rosso di Montalcino DOC and Brunello di Montalcino DOCGThe estate is named after a woodland plant, l’albatro which is from the same family as the corbezzolo or strawberry tree (see also the Le Macioche estate, also in Montalcino). 

Background: Gaetano Salvioni (born 1949) bought the estate in 1995. Gaetano’s wife is Andrina Bizzari. Andrina’s brothers are Marco, Mario and Agostino. Gaetano has four siblings, none of whom are involved here (two brothers, one works in a bank, the other brother in a pharmacy; two sisters, one works in sales, the other is a maths teacher). Gaetano owns the ‘Salvioni’ electrical shop in the neighbouring town of Buonconvento to the north. The first harvest here was 2009.

Staff: Consultant oenologist: Federico Bonini. 

Vineyards: West-facing to the Tyrrhenian sea. 450 metres (1,476 feet). Some of the vines are in a dip. At Benvenuto Brunello 2015 Gaetano told me there were 32 hectares (79 acres) of land of which 5 hectares (12.35 acres) are Sangiovese and the rest (apart from some olives) is woodland. All the vines were planted from 1999 in what was an olive grove, apart from 0.25 hectares (0.62 acres) of Sangiovese (for Brunello) which already existed at the time of purchase (in 1995). The 5 hectares of 100% Sangiovese comprises 2 hectares (4.94 acres) for Brunello, 1 hectare (2.47 acres) for Rosso and 2 hectares (9.9 acres) for Sant’Antimo Rosso DOC. The vines are in three plots isolated from each other but on a single estate. His neighbours are Renzo Cosimi, Il Palazzone, Petroso and Lo Spuntone.

Red wines

Sant’Antimo Rosso DOC: Not tasted.

Rosso di Montalcino DOC: 2011 2,718 bottles. Bit over-extracted, aromatic potentially but as a Rosso this could do with a bit more aroma. Mix of savoury and sweet fruit, but not much selection in this vintage it seems (Anteprima 2014). | 2012 2,190 bottles. 8 months in tonneaux. Rich traditional style, sticky, wild and deep with a woody end (Anteprima 2016). | 2014  Good weight (Anteprima 2016). | 2016 Nice frank pink cranberry fruit (Osticcio in Montalcino, 16 Feb 2018 with Michaela Morris).

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG: 2009 4,137 bottles. Tonneaux and botti. Warm year, ripe, quite dense tannin (clay soil?), bit solid, not too bad (Anteprima 2014). | 2010 5,343 bottles. Well weighted (Anteprima 2015). | 2011 Bright, ripe fruit, savoury tannin, well extracted (Anteprima 2016). | 2012 Bright brick red, savoury, bit tight maybe, sweet and savoury (Anteprima 2017). | 2013 Nice weight, not trying too hard (Osticcio in Montalcino, 16 Feb 2018 with Michaela Morris). | 2014 Very nice, one of the better 2014s, showing fruit with complexity, interest, clarity and intensity of fruit (Anteprima 2019).


Physical addressAlbatreti Vineyards & Winery, Loc. Albatreti, I-53024 Montalcino (SI = Siena), Italy. 

Office: Albatreti, Piazza del Popolo, 43 – I-53024 Montalcino (SI = Siena), Italy.