SASSODISOLE is an organic estate winery in Torrenieri, in north-east Montalcino.

BACKGROUND | Founder-owner Roberto Terzuoli is a trained agronomist and worked from 2000-2005 for Franco Biondi-Santi. Roberto met his wife Erika Belviso at Biondi-Santi and they have a son, Tommaso. The land was originally part of the nearby Santa Giulia estate that was purchased in 1959 by Roberto’s grandfather Gino and grandmother Giuseppina. Their children were Bruno (married to Graziella Bindi) and Lido. When Bruno and Lido inherited the estate it was divided into two, leaving half of the original SantaGiulia with Lido (and now his son Gianluca Terzuoli) and creating Sassodisole out of the other half under Bruno and Graziella, and now their son Roberto Terzuoli. The first vines were planted in 1998, and the first wines were bottled in 2001.

STAFF | Lorenzo Moscatelli (sales); Sofia Bava.

FARM LAND | 2018 There are 90 hectares (acres) of land in total. Of this around 80 hectares is arable land given to field crops such as durum wheat (grano duro), Egyptian clover (trifoglio alessandrino), and squarosum clover (Trifoglio squarrosum) which is grown as animal fodder. Roberto sells the seeds to an organic cattle farmer in Sardinia. He also grow sunflowers, beans (favino) and alfalfa (lucerne), a member of the pea family used for forage.

OLIVE TREES | 2 hectares are olive groves.

VINEYARDS | Around 10 hectares of vineyards, located in Torrenieri. 100% Sangiovese (R24 and CH20 on Paulsen 775). Planted from 1997. The plots are called Piaggione, Bosco, Borghetto, Frutti, Cantina, Pentagono and Casa. Three main plots with various expositions, mainly west-south-west towards Montalcino. Varied altitude between 280 and 320 metres. Located at an altitude of between 280 and 320 metres above sea level with South / South-West exposure. Clay soils containing rock fragments. 3.6 hectares (8.9 acres) of Brunello, 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of Rosso di Montalcino and 3 hectares (7.4 acres) of Orcia Rosso planted in 2013 with 2 hectares (4.9 acres) more planting rights for Orcia Rosso. Terzuoli planted at fairly wide spacing of 4,800 vines/ha (2.6m x 0.80m) or 3,800 vines/ha (3.0m x 0.80m). This was to avoid humidity and a lack of air flow. Around 330 metres above sea level. Soil pH is around 7.7.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION | 2017 First vintage with full organic certification.

WINEMAKING | Pied de cuve. Fermentation and MLF in stainless steel. Rack-and-return. Auto-remontage with 5-6 brief pump overs per day which is what Roberto learnt at Biondi-Santi. Ageing in 35hl and 50hl Slavonian oak vats.


SPUMANTE ROSATO BRUT | 100% Sangiovese. Charmat method.


ORCIA SANGIOVESE  DOC | 2015 100% Sangiovese. 11,000 bottles. Japan main market; and Brazil (hot = want fluid wines, like beer). Chalky-chunky, easy crisp fruit, needs a bit of bottle age at the winery at the winery with Einar Fjoran’s Norwegians on Monday afternoon 24th October 2016. / 2011 100% Sangiovese. 8 months in Slavonian oak. Plenty of texture allied to delicate fruit in Viale Piave 32 Monday 28th Oct 2013. / 2013 14%. 100% Sangiovese. Fermentation in stainless steel. Wild yeast via a pied de cuve. On skins for around two weeks. Naturally settles in stainless steel. MLF in steel, 8 months Slavonian oak. Light filtration.

ROSSO DI MONTALCINO DOC | 2004 Light, fluid young vine wine with short-haul light redcurrant fruit at Benvenuto Brunello 24 Feb 2006. / 2009 Took a day of having been opend to settle down and find its feet when tasted in Torrenieri in Nov 2013. / 2011 10 months in botti. Around 8,000 bottles. Sweeter and more elegant than the 2009 when tasted in Torrenieri 25 Nov 2013. Nice open ripe and balanced style, nice and fresh at Benvenuto Brunello 2014. / 2012 8,000 botttes. Decent, simple red and black fruit, bit heavy, OK at Benvenuto Brunello 2015. / 2013 14.7%. Bright, soft, not dense, nice mid-palate at the winery on 25 Oct 2013. Around 10-15,000 bottles usually. Clean and ripe, nice firm wild fruit, sticky too but good at Benvenuto Brunello Feb 2016. / 2014 Crisp red mint plum, softens after 5 minutes, savoury fruit and cream at the winery with Einar’s Norwegians on Monday afternoon 24th October 2016.

BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO DOCG | Aged in Slavonian botti. / 2001 Debut. Peppery fruit, chocolate tannin at Benvenuto Brunello 24 Feb 2006. 2006 Good Sangiovese nose, delicate and typical, with a realistic colour too, well made, elegant, not too extracted or oaky, refreshing at Viale Piave 32 Monday 28th Oct 2013. 2007 Roberto told me at the winery on 25 Oct 2013 he felt 2007 was “more complex” than 2008 as a vintage and I agree. / 2008 This needed a couple of days opened to settle when tasted in Viale Piave in early November 2013, had a rich/ripe Sangiovese aroma but without being heavy, a deepish core but brighter rim, and rich (rather than sweet I would say) tannins supported by a hint of wood. / 2009 14,000 bottles. A “good vintage” Roberto told me at the winery on 25 Oct 2013. Nice weight, well made, sweet fruit at Benvenuto Brunello Feb 2014. / 2009 14%. L.13254. Light ruby garnet. Shy nose with some herb and wild red berries. Warm. Seems savoury. Quite a firm entry but the tannins have been well handled with just a hint of sweetn’sour, then some fresh cranberry to the finish which has moderate length. Nice minor key red which is not reliant on over-extraction or oak at the Consorzio Tues 27th May 2014 with Ian d’Agata and others. Not bad for dinner with Savino who had cooked a matriciana at 32 Viale Piave on Tues 11 Nov 2014. / 2010 13,200 bottles. Nice, crisp, bright fruit, gentle end at Benvenuto Brunello 2015. / 2011 Spicy, ripe-pruney style, nice weight, decent, ready at Benvenuto Brunello Feb 2016. Nice elegant fluid earth/smoke, leather, sweet fruit and savoury tannin with appealing frankness at the winery with Einar’s Norwegians on Monday afternoon 24th October 2016. / 2012 Sapid, fluid, maybe a bit sour, easy, fluid at Benvenuto Brunello 17th Feb 2017. / 2014 Decent plum fruit, savoury and fluid with freshness and balance at Benvenuto Brunello Feb 15 2019.

BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO DOCG RISERVA | 2004 Debut. / 2006 Filled out after a day, attractive red black fruit, ripeness and goodish length, quite a pleasant surprise in Torrenieri on 16th June 2014. / 2007 4,040 bottles. Lovely sweet fruit, plenty of savoury fruit at Benvenuto Brunello Feb 2016. / 2012 14.5% alc. 0,5g/l residual sugar. Fermented in stainless steel. Aged 4 years in 35-50hl wooden vats of 35–50hl. / 2014 14%.


SassodiSole, Podere Santa Giulia 1º 48/A, I-53024 Torrenieri (SI = Siena) / Tel+39 0577.834303 /