LA CLARINE FARM is an estate vineyard and winery in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, California.

OWNERS Hank Beckmeyer and Caroline Hoel.

VINEYARDS 4 hectares (9.9 acres). Tempranillo, Syrah, Tannat, Grenache, Negroamaro, Cabernet Sauvignon. Thin, coarse, sandy loam soil. Elevation of around 780 metres (2,600 feet).


CERTIFICATION La Clarine Farm was certified Biodynamic by Demeter for a while. Hank says he found the Biodynamic concept of seeing the farm as a self-sustaining living organism “appealing”, but decided that while the Biodynamic Preparations are “powerful tools, medicines if you will, for bringing a balance onto the farm, like all medicines there comes a time to stop the treatment. Continued treatment only takes you away from the desired goal–a living, independent farm entity. I began asking, am I creating a junkie-vineyard?”. Hank embraced Masanobu Fukuoka‘s idea that, in Hank’s words allowed the farmer to to play more “the role of the caretaker than active participant…don’t do anything unnecessary farming.”

WINEMAKING Low intervention.

WINES Jambalaia White. Jambalaia Red. Josephine+Mariposa Red. Syrah ‘Sumu Kaw’. Rosé. Elvis. Priscilla.

CONTACT La Clarine Farm, PO Box 245, Somerset, CA 95684, USA / Tel+001 530 306 3608 /