Zoom H6 Instructions

Batteries | p.02 4 AA batteries—either alkaline or rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride). Do not use Lithium. Do not mix batteries from different brands. Alkaline battery life is > 20 hours, even during continuous recording.

Mains power | An optional AD-17 AC adapter allows the H6 to be powered from any standard wall socket. 

Power saving | Power save display [has no effect when power adapter connected] Press menu, scroll to System, press Scroll. Scroll to Backlight, press Scroll. Scroll to Power Saving, press Scroll. Scroll to select desired setting, press Scroll.

Microphones | Turn off H6. Attach mic. Mics will pick up noise from the table via any mic stand. Lapel mics are expensive. Side address mics which can be put on a stand work well (eg AT2020s).

Format SD Card | Press Menu, Scroll to SD Card, press Scroll. Select Format, press Scroll. When prompted to format SD Card, highlight Yes and press Down to begin formatting the SD Card.

Checking SD card open space | Press MENU, Scroll to SD Card, press Scroll. Scroll to SD Card Remain, press Scroll to see.

Recording format | p.83 WAV format is highest quality (large file size too). Choose 44.1KHZ/24 bit to record in a quiet room.

Peak recording levels | p.27 Adjust so that the peak record level stays around –12dB. (Never set the Gain over 5. Lower is better).

Reducing noise (wind, vocal pops) | p.27 & 78 Use the low-cut filter. Press Menu. Select Input & Output. Scroll to Lo Cut. Press Scroll. Scroll to track you want to apply low cut filter to. Press Scroll. Scroll to select the cutoff frequency of the low cut and press Scroll.

Setting project names | p.86 This changes the type of name the each project is given. Default: ZOOM0001–ZOOM9999

Date (uses the recording starting time): YYMMDD-HHMMSS (Ex 130331–123016)

Changing project names | p.50 Press Menu. Scroll to select Project Menu. Press Scroll. Scroll to select Edit. Press Scroll. Scroll to select RENAME. Press Scroll. Change the name–by moving the cursor/change character up or down. To select character/confirm change: press the scroll button. Press the Stop button to complete the setting.

Dividing projects | p.56 Divide a project into two new ones. Press Menu. Scroll to select Project Menu & press Scroll. Scroll to select Edit, press Scroll. Scroll to select Divide, press Scroll. To set the division point use the fast forward/backwards buttons to move; use Play to pause, press the stop button to confirm.

Export audio files to laptop | 1. Turn Zoom off. Attach the power cable. 2. Power on H6. 3. Press Menu. Scroll to SD card reader. You should then get a ‘MENU: Return’ screen in white letters on a black background and a white symbol with three ‘cables’: each with a triangle, box, and arrow on its end. 4. Connect to your computer. 5. Import files.

Deleting old projects | p.61 Press Menu. Scroll to select Project Menu. Press Scroll. Scroll to select Trash. Press Scroll.