Weingut Schmalzried is a certified Biodynamic estate winery in the in Württemberg region of Germany.

Background: The Schmalzried winery has been cultivating its vineyards in Korb, in the Rems Valley, for more than 100 years. The family business today cultivates 10 hectares on the large areas of Korber Kopf, Hanweiler Berg and Kleinheppach. In 1975, Hermann Schmalzried decided to convert his land to controlled organic viticulture, making it the first organic winery in Württemberg. As a co-founder of the EcoVin Association, he already demonstrated futuristic ways of thinking back then. In years of pioneering work, he has been developing harmonious and authentic wines from top locations to this day. 

Certification: 2010 Demeter certified Biodynamic since 2010.


Weingut Schmalzried

Kirchstrasse 61/3

D-71404 Korb, Germany

Tel+49 7151 32607 | Website: weingutschmalzried.de