Weingut Rudolf Fidesser | Estate winery in the Weinviertel region of Austria. Certified Biodynamic.

Contact | Sophie Fidesser, grand-daughter of Rudolf Fidesser.

Vineyards | 2017 15 hectares (37 acres).

Certification | 2007 First vintage with full organic certification. | 2016 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification.

Ortsweine (Wines from single villages).

Gelber Muskateller, Platter | From two sites in the commune of Platt called Ried Hausweingarten, on calcareous Tonnmergel deposits from the Tertiary, and from Sandberg on fine sand with gravel.

Grüner Veltliner, Platter | From around the commune of Platt. Mix of soils. Calcareous clays and sands.

Sauvignon Blanc, Platter | From around the commune of Platt on sandy gravel (Grunder layer deposits from the Tertiary).

Zweigelt, Platter | From around the commune of Platt. Calcareous clay (Tertiary era deposits).

Riedenweine (Wines from single vineyards).

Höhweingarten, Roter Veltliner | From the Ried Höhweingarten, a plateau on the Kapellenberg in Platt. Calcareous clay marl layers with some gravel (Tertiary sea sediments) and alternating beds of loess. | 2016 8g/l residual sugar, 6g/l acidity. Round fruit over delicate acidity iat the Demeter Austria tasting 2018.

HöhweingartenWeisser Traminer | Traminer Blanc from the Höhweingarten–see directly above. | 2016 14.5% alcohol. 6.7g/l acid. 5 g/l residual sugar. Nice Gewurztraminer-like rose-water flavours at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018.

Kapellenberg, Grüner Veltliner | The Kapellenberg is located in the commune of Platt. Soils comprise light loess over calcareous soils with sub-layers of clay marl (Tertiary era). | 2016 Wild, spicy, good at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 

Kapellenberg, Pinot Noir | Same terroir as for the wine immediately above.

Kirchleiten | The dominant soil type here is calcareous ‘Tonmergelschichten (marine deposits from theTertairay-Laaer formation. 2015 80% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Retrer Parapluieberg | The name means ‘umbrella mountain’. The vines come from two sites called Auaus and Holzapfeln located on the Manhartsberg, near the town of Retz’s windmill. Primary weathered granite and gneiss. | 2015 50% each Syrah and Zweigelt.

Retzer Stein, Grüner Veltliner | From a site in Retz called Obernalber Riede Holzapfeln. This is on the southern slopes of the Manhartsberg, geologically part of the ‘Bohemian Mass’. Primary weathered granite and gneiss (Stein means ‘stone’). | 2016 Very youthful, salty, underlying power, very good at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018.

Sandberg, Sauvignon Blanc | The Sandberg comprises sandy-gravel (Grunder layer deposits from the Tertiary era). 340 metres (1,115 feet). | 2016 Lovely round salty gooseberry at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018.

Sandberg, Traminer | From the Sandberg–see directly above.


Weingut Rudolf Fidesser

Nr. 39, A-2051 Platt, Austria

Tel+43 02945.2592 | www.fidesser.at