Weingut Rudolf Fidesser is a certified Biodynamic estate winery in the Weinviertel region of Austria.

Contact: Sophie Fidesser, grand-daughter of Rudolf Fidesser.

Vineyards2017 15 hectares (37 acres).

Certification: 2007 First vintage with full organic certification. | 2016 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification.

Ortsweine: (Wines from single villages).

Gelber Muskateller, Platter: From two sites in the commune of Platt called Ried Hausweingarten, on calcareous Tonnmergel deposits from the Tertiary, and from Sandberg on fine sand with gravel.

Grüner Veltliner, Platter: From around the commune of Platt. Mix of soils. Calcareous clays and sands.

Sauvignon Blanc, PlatterFrom around the commune of Platt on sandy gravel (Grunder layer deposits from the Tertiary).

Zweigelt, Platter: From around the commune of Platt. Calcareous clay (Tertiary era deposits).

Riedenweine (Wines from single vineyards).

Höhweingarten, Roter VeltlinerFrom the Ried Höhweingarten, a plateau on the Kapellenberg in Platt. Calcareous clay marl layers with some gravel (Tertiary sea sediments) and alternating beds of loess. | 2016 8g/l residual sugar, 6g/l acidity. Round fruit over delicate acidity iat the (Demeter Austria tasting 2018).

HöhweingartenWeisser Traminer:Traminer Blanc from the Höhweingarten–see directly above. | 2016 14.5% alcohol. 6.7g/l acid. 5 g/l residual sugar. Nice Gewurztraminer-like rose-water flavours (Demeter Austria tasting 2018).

Kapellenberg, Grüner Veltliner: The Kapellenberg is located in the commune of Platt. Soils comprise light loess over calcareous soils with sub-layers of clay marl (Tertiary era). | 2016 Wild, spicy, good (Demeter Austria tasting 2018). 

Kapellenberg, Pinot Noir: Same terroir as for the wine immediately above.

Kirchleiten: The dominant soil type here is calcareous ‘Tonmergelschichten (marine deposits from Tertiary-Laaer formation). 2015 80% Zweigelt, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Retrer Parapluieberg | The name means ‘umbrella mountain’. The vines come from two sites called Auaus and Holzapfeln located on the Manhartsberg, near the town of Retz’s windmill. Primary weathered granite and gneiss. | 2015 50% each Syrah and Zweigelt.

Retzer Stein, Grüner Veltliner | From a site in Retz called Obernalber Riede Holzapfeln. This is on the southern slopes of the Manhartsberg, geologically part of the ‘Bohemian Mass’. Primary weathered granite and gneiss (Stein means ‘stone’). | 2016 Very youthful, salty, underlying power, very good (Demeter Austria tasting 2018).

Sandberg, Sauvignon Blanc: The Sandberg comprises sandy-gravel (Grunder layer deposits from the Tertiary era). 340 metres (1,115 feet). | 2016 Lovely round salty gooseberry (Demeter Austria tasting 2018).

Sandberg, Traminer: From the Sandberg–see directly above.


Weingut Rudolf Fidesser

Nr. 39

A-2051 Platt, Austria

Tel+43 02945.2592 | Website: www.fidesser.at