Weinberghof Fritsch | Certified Biodynamic estate (respekt-Biodyn certification) in the Wagram region of Austria

Vineyards | Loess soils (up to 15 metres deep.

Biodynamic certification | 2006 Went organic from From January 2006. The late Dr Andrew Lorand consulted on Biodynamics. | 2007 Joined respekt-Biodyn. | 2010 First vintage with full organic certification (Lacon). | 2017 Certified Biodynamic by respekt-Biodyn.

White wines

Burgunder Cuvée

Gelber Muskateller

Grüner Veltliner, Donaulöss

Grüner Veltliner, Dorn

Grüner Veltliner Ried Mordthal – 1 ÖTW | The name Mordthal is derived from mammoth hunt as mammoth bones and stone tools are found here. South-facing vineyards in a valley protected from the west. Sand and gravel subsoil covered with a layer of loess with crystalline rocks brought by a Danube tributary. | 2014 Bright pineapple aromas, honeyed palate, maybe lacks a bit of acidity (Manincor 24 June 2016). | 2017 13% alc. Smooth, salty yellow fruit, lively, mouthwatering (March 2020).

Grüner Veltliner, Ried Schlossberg – 1 ÖTW | 2012 Pineappley (Manincor 24 June 2016). | 2013 Hot. 36ºC at flowering. Very low yield (25hl/ha) in 2013. Quite honeyed (Millésime Bio 2015). | 2017 Wagram. 13% alc. Smooth, salty, bright yellow fruit, mouthwatering and well weighted (tasted March 2020).

Grüner Veltliner, Ried Steinberg | Loess over slate and granite. | 2014 Nice honey lemon (Millésime Bio 2015). | 2015 Lovely acid, pineapple, clean (Manincor 24 June 2016).

Grüner Veltliner, Wagram

Grüner Veltliner Windspiel

Riesling Reserve, Wagram | 2006 Loess soil. Very saline fruit with salty acidity; refreshing, intense but not heavy. Deep, long. Very clear, fresh. Real depth to this. No bitterness. Really very good (Tenuta Manicor June 2016).

Riesling Kapuzinerberg – 1 ÖTW

Riesling Mordthal – 1 ÖTW | 2014 Nice acidity, soft round fruit (Manincor 24 June 2016). | 2017 Wagram. Trocken. 13% alc. Lively, salty, bright green-yellow vertical fruit, mouthwatering and sleek (tasted March 2020).

Roter Veltliner | 2018 Roter Veltliner vinified as a white. Unfiltered. Plenty of savoury texture, a ‘food’ wine because of its body but also very good on its own, mouth filling and mouth-watering (March 2020).

Traminer | Reliably excellent Traminer (Luzia Schrampf).

Pink wines

Rosé Donaulöss ! The name means Danube loess.

Rosé vom Zweigelt, Windspiel

Red wines

Cabernet Sauvignon ‘P’

Pinot Noir, Exelberg

Pinot Noir, P | 2016 13% alc. Bright and savoury (March 2020).

Zweigelt Donaulöss

Zweigelt Red Soil

Zweigelt, Windspiel

Cuvée Foggathal


Weinberghof Fritsch

Oberstockstall 24, Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria

Tel+43 (0)2279.5037