Voralberg | The westernmost of the nine federal states of Austria. It has the second-smallest area after Vienna, and although it has the second-smallest population, it also has the second-highest population density (also after Vienna). It borders three countries: Germany, (Bavaia and Baden-Württemberg via Lake Constance, Switzerland (Grisons and St. Gallen), and Liechtenstein). The only Austrian state that shares a border with Vorarlberg is Tyrol to the east.

Capital city | Bregenz.

Language | Vorarlberg is the only state in Austria where the local dialect is not Austro-Bavarian, but rather an Alemannic dialect; it therefore has much more in common culturally with (historically) Alemannic-speaking German-speaking Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Swabia, and Alsace than with the rest of Austria, southeastern Bavaria, and South Tyrol.

Terrain | Vorarlberg is almost completely mountainous and has been nicknamed the ‘Ländle’ meaning ‘small land’.