Dr Vinodh KrishnamurthyDr Vinodh Krishnamurthy, microbiologist, who in the mid-2000s was managing the Soil Foodweb Inc., laboratory services at Laverstoke Park Farm. Vinodh has always been fascinated with “bugs” and this interest made him to pursue his career in microbiology. His research work primarily focused on epidemiology of fungal plant pathogens and biological control of plant diseases. He was awarded PhD from Aberdeen University for his work in developing a soil test to detect fungal pathogens that can cause devastatation to soft fruits such as strawberries. While working as Research Fellow at Nottingham University, he investigated how to control plant diseases within nurseries. The progress achieved in this project has contributed valuable knowledge to growers in their crop management and protection. Vinodh is keen to take science from the lab bench to the field and have been working with farmers and growers promoting organic amendments such as using compost and compost teas and enabling them to achieve sustainable farming. He was working at Laverstoke Park Farm from 2006 but subsequently left.