Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015 Vintage | See Montepulciano for more about this region of Tuscany, Italy.

2015 Vintage

2015 | Growing season In a nutshell: ‘a hot, dry, sunny vintage‘, Giuseppe Rigoli told me (Anteprima 2020). January was slightly warmer than normal. February, March and April had normal temperatures. May, June and especially July were remarkably hot (around 2.4°C above average). Risk of peronospera (downy mildew) in early spring. August and September were slightly cooler than usual. Low rainfall year of around 586mm compared to an annual average of 750mm. However, rainfall distribution was markedly regular. Water reserves from 2014 meant the 2015 season started with replenished reserves, and another 200mm of rain fell in the first three months of the year. Budbreak from 10-20 April. May saw regular vegetative growth. Flowering from 18th May in the most precocious sites, with a break between 20-26 May due to rain, ending around 4th June. June saw normal vine growth. Violent hail storms in June (minimal damage) and July (slightly more damage). July was hotter than normal, but the water reserves were enough to sustain normal growth. Veraison (25 July to 18 August) began at the end of the month as water reserves diminshed. Another bout of rain between 8-10th August helped. Ripening commenced with slightly cooler temperatures than normal, but with dry sunny days allowing producers to wait for optimal ripeness. Wine quality Wines with intense colours, good acidity, medium pH, refined tannins. Production Details to follow.