Vinné Sklepy Kutna Horá | Biodynamic estate winery in the Kutná Hora region of the Czech RepublicIt was founded by Stanislav Rudolfský in 2002. His son Lukás Rodolfsky handles sales.

Vineyards | 54 hecares (133 acres) of grapevines of which 15 hectares (37ha) of Pinot Noir. Also Red Traminer, Saint Laurent and Pinot Gris. A bedrock rich in minerals is said to give spiciness to the wines.

Vineyard sites | U Všech svatých, Pod Barborou, Nad Kapličkou, Na Borku, Na Příčce and Jezuitská. 

Polyculture | As well as vineyards, there are 30 hectares (74 acres) pasture for sheep, 14 hectares (35 acres) of arable land for cereal crops, 2 hectares (5 acres) of vegetables and 6 hectares (15 acres) of orchards. The idea is to create the Biodynamic ideal of a self-sustaining living organism

Certification | 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic.

White wines

Cabernet Blanc | 2016 11% alcohol. 48 g/l residual sugar. Interesting pineapple barley sugar sweetness without tasting confected at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 

Ryzlink Rynsky | 100% (Rhine) Riesling. | 2016 11.5% alcohol. 0.9g/l residual sugar. Easy soft yellow fruit & light spritz at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 

Chardonnay | 2016 11% alcohol. 5g/l residual sugar. Soft, savoury acidity at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 

Red wines

Cabernet Cortis | 2015 14% alcohol. Nice dark simple linear fruit at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018.

Pinot Noir, Wine Punk | 2016 Cloudy, bretty, acetic, not for me at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 

Pinot Noir, Old Trees | 2015 Nice weight, simple at the Demeter Austria tasting 2018. 


Vinné sklepy s.r.o. Kutná Hora Ltd

Jiriho z Podebrad 288

28401 Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Tel+42 736 536 488 /


Demeter Austria wine tasting 2018, Vienna, 26th February.