VILLALOBOS is an eponymously named family estate located near Ranguili, a village in the Colchagua Valley region of Chile.

VINEYARDS | The vineyard is mainly Carignan, and was originally planted during the 1940s and 50s. The vines have always grown wild amongst native Chilean flora such as maitenes, rosehip, Culenes, pine trees, blackberry bushes etc.

VITICULTURE | Viticultural methods involve the use of draught horses and natural forms of weed control.

WINERY | The wine cellar was founded in the sculpture workshop of Enrique Villalobos, in the Artists Valley located in the Colchagua Valley.􏰇


CARIGNAN RISERVA | Grapes are hand-harvested, since the vines grow amongst rosehip, blackberry bushes and other native plants, which makes the harvest a logistical challenge to say the least. The Carignan is neither filtered or fined. in French oak barrels.

CARMENERE, LOBO | Carmenère.


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