Verduzzo Friulano is a versatile yet tannic white grape native to Italy that gives many styles of wine. Most plantings are found around Udine in Friuli. Verduzzo Friulano is a co-parents with Picolit of the Sagrestana grape variety.

Biotypes: There are two biotypes of Verduzzo Friulano: Verduzzo Giallo and Verduzzo Verde. It is not the same grape as Verduzzo Trevigiano.

Wines: Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Ramandolo DOCG. | Friuli DOC, Friuli Colli Orientali DOC. | Friuli Grave DOC. | Friuli Isonzo DOC. | Veneto: Lison-Pramaggiore DOC.

Sub-varieties: The two recognized sub-varieties of Verduzzo are Verduzzo Verde and Verduzzo Giallo. The former is mainly grown on flat land to make dry wine while the latter (recognized for its higher quality) is found more in hillside vineyards and is used to make sweet wines. In recent years, Verduzzo Verde’s plantings have declined as growers seem convinced that Verduzzo Giallo is the superior of the two.

Sub-variety wine styles: Verduzzo Verde gives light-bodied, citrusy, floral wine whereas Verduzzo Giallo gives a riper and more tannic wine with notes of tropical fruits, apricot and honey. Sweet almond notes are typical in Verduzzo wines. Still white wine run from dry, off-dry to richly sweet. The Ramandolo DOCG is exclusively for sweet wines typically made from air-dried grapes.


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