Verdeca | White wine grape native to Italy. Verdeca is named after the green colour of its berries. 

Where grown in Italy | Puglia: Verdeca is grown especially in central Puglia, in the provinces of Bari and Taranto and in the countryside around Alberobello Crispiano, Locorotondo, and Martina Franca. Verdeca was, and is, almost always used in blends with Bianco d’Alessano in Locorotondo DOC and Martina DOC. | Campania: Verdeca can also be part of the blend of the DOC Lacryma Christi of Campania. Begin to be present some monovarietal wines.

Viticulture | Verdeac has medium-large sized bunches and berries. It is vigourous, productive and resistant to most diseases.

Wine style | Fresh, crisp. Light herbl, green-apple flavours.


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