Verdea | White wine grape native to Italy.

Where grown | Toscana (Tuscany): Found mainly in Pisa province in Costa Toscana IGT wines. | Lombardia (Lombardy): Found in Milan, Piacenza, and Pavia provinces in blends with other varieties in several IGT wines, such as Collina Milanese. | Emilia Romagna: Found in Castelfranco dell’Emilia IGT, Ravenna IGT and Rubicone IGT. 

Viticulture | Medium-large bunch, with large berries. It ripens late; it is very resistant to botry- tis. Good vigour with an abundant and dependable productivity.

Wine style | Very light, delicate wine with green apple and white flower notes.The sweet version made from air-dried grapes has a very deep yellow-gold hue, with honey, tropical-fruit, and candied-pear flavours, allied to a thick, rich and usually impressively sweet mouthfeel.


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