Valentina Passalacqua, organic wine producer in Puglia.

Owner: Valentina Passalacqua. She took over here in 1999 and went organic. She started the winery in 2009.

Staff: Giovanni Ciampi (met him at Vinitaly 2015 and during Radici).

Vineyards: 350 ha of land of which 40ha of vines (2014). Bombino, Fiano, Greco. Also Primitivo, unusually far north for this variety

Terroir: In Puglia’s Parco Nazionale del Gargano. The Adriatic is 20km to the east. 180 metres. Have two terroirs: white stones, and clay. When I asked her why her wines were so sapid Valentina answered ‘we are near the Campania region, on the back of the Gargano.’

Viticulture: Mainly tendone apart from the last 12ha planted which were wire-trained. She said at VinItaly 2015 her aim was 40% tendone, 60% VSP.

Organic certification: 2002 First vintage with organic certification.

Biodynamics: Due to be at the Renaissance des Appellations event in St. Petersbourg, November 2017.

Other crops: Plenty of space. Also have fennel, cauliflower and broccoli.

Sparkling wines

Terra rara, Brut: 100% Bombino.

White wines

IGP Puglia Bianco: 2010 100% Greco. No added sulfites.

IGP Puglia Bianco, Valentina: 2010 100% Greco. With added sulfites.

Terra Minuta: 2014 Fiano, Greco. Steel. 15,000 bottles. Quite Gz-like, very aromatic, clean and leesy at VinItaly 2015.

Cosiscome | The name translates as ‘It’s like that’. | 2014 100% Falanghina. 3,000 bottles. 4 days on skins. No filtration. Bit of sulfur. Very digestible. Very savoury. Clean, well done, sapid at a tasting of Castel del Monte wines at the Masseria Barbera, Minervino Murghe 12 June 2015.

Falanghina: 2014 IGP Puglia Bianco. 100% Falanghina. 12.5%. Cool estery nose, pineapple, plenty of chalk mixed in with the exotic notes. Noticeable spritz on the palate, but odd as its tastes dry/dried skins with the pineapple. Not really knit for me. 80 points at the Radici del Sud competition, 13th June Saturday 2015.

Pink wines

Giuliarosè: 2010 Giuliarosè, IGP Puglia. 100% Primitivo.

ROSATO, ROSA TERRA | 2011 Debut. 2014 Nero di Troia on the more stoney part of the estate. 6.500 bottles. 24 hours on skins. 12% alcohol. 4.70 export. Dry, Lovely savoury style. Saline again at a tasting of Castel del Monte wines at the Masseria Barbera, Minervino Murghe 12 June 2015.

Red wines

TERRA SASSO | Not tasted.

PUGLIA ROSSO, DON SETTIMIO | 2009 100% Montepulciano.

NERO DI TROIA | A hot zone. Start picking in August. South-facing, south-west facing vines. | 2013 Nero di Troia. 6,000 bottles. Youthful, savoury, primary, simple at VinItaly 2015. | 2013 14.5%. 5 euros. 10k. More sasso than argila. Lovely savoury fruit, lots of depth, savoury, mint, plum, bit of green at a tasting of Castel del Monte wines at the Masseria Barbera, Minervino Murghe 12 June 2015. 2013 14.5%. Sour cherry, bitter end, VVG at dinner in the Corteinfiore restaurant, Trani 11th June 2015.

COSISONO | The name means ‘that’s how I am’. | 2012 Nero di Troia. 3,000 bottles. 4m in barrel. OK, bit green and simple, but more to it and clearer than the unoaked Nero di Troia 2013 tasted above at VinItaly 2015.




Azienda Biologica Valentina Passalacqua, Località Posta Nuova, I-71011 Apricena (FG = Foggia), Italy Tel+39 0882.642290 |