Uva Longanesi | Red wine grape native to Italy.

Where grown in Italy | Emilia-Romagna: Mainly in the Romagna portion of Emilia-Romagna, near the cities of Faenza and Ravenna (around Bagnocavallo, Cotignola, Fusignano, Godo, Lugo, and Russi). It can be used in different IGT blends, including Emilia, Forlì, Ravenna and Rubicone.

Viticulture | Medium sized bunches; medium-large berries with thick skins.

Wine style | Longanesi wines are always very full-bodied, strong, and tannic. It does not have a wealth of fresh fruity aromas (black cherry and plum) but rather plenty of evolved, almost tertiary aromas (such as tobacco, underbrush, and tar). The wine needs plenty of time in the cellar, as the hard tannins soften very slowly.


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