Upper Five Vineyard is a Demeter-certified estate vineyard and winery located in the Rogue Valley AVA in Oregon. It was established in 2003 on what was an old pear orchard at 607 metres (2,000 feet) in the foothills above Talent. The name was derived from its original designation as the ‘upper five’ acres of the historic Bagley Orchard. The current owners purchased the land in 2000.

Owner | Terry Cooper Sullivan. He is also a glass blower.

Biodynamic certification | 2005 1.68ha (4.2 acres) by OTCO. | 2006 1.68ha (4.2 acres) by OTCO. | 2007 1.68ha (4.2 acres) by OTCO (Syrah, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Dolcetto, Pinot Noir and Viognier), and melons. | 2013 Certified by Stellar Certification Service. | 2018 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification for the vineyards.

Estate vineyard | 2013 1.4ha (3.5 acres) of Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Tempranillo and Grenache Noir in 2013. The Dolcetto, Pinot Noir and Viognier which were planted originally and which were present in 2007 have been grafted to other grapes, Terry said by email in 2013, adding that ‘the rest [0.7 acres] was for melons and some pear trees.’ | 2018 2.02 hectares (5 acres) of vineyards.

Grape sales | The website (2013) says the Syrah and Grenache are made into wine by Broadley Winery.

White wines

Sauvignon Blanc | 2013 140 cases. The debut vintage having decided to make the wine rather than sell the grapes. Fermented in neutral oak barrels with lees stirring. | 2016 160 cases.

Red wines

Grenace Noir | 2015 75 cases.

Tempranillo | 2010 100 cases. Made by winemaker Linda Donovan of Pallet Wine Company. | 2011 110 cases. | 2015 150 cases.


Upper Five Vineyard

1125 Morey Road

Talent, OR 97540, United States of America

Tel+001 541 512 1341 or 541 285 8359