United Kingdom–Bird population decline. See United Kingdom.

The ‘Agri-Brigade’ column in Private Eye 1361 7-20th March 2014, p.11 suggested populations of birds in the UK are experiencing dramatic decline (since 1970 lapwings, corn buntings and skylarks have declined 63, 90 and 59% respectively). The “three-crop rule” within the new CAP ruling due to come into effect in the UK in January 2015 aims to halt the decline by incentivising arable farmers to grow at least two different crops when the cropping area exceeds 25 acres, and three different crops when it exceeds 75 acres. With specialist mono-cropping the types of food available within a locality are limited and subject to radical change each year. Different crops provide different habitats and food at different times of the year. The NFU argued the rule would increase costs, and reduce efficiency. Supporters said that farmers are getting money from the CAP, whether they produce food or not (under the Single Farm Payment) and CAP rules allow farmers to opt out of the three-crop system if they forgo 30% of their subsidy claim.