Ucelut is a white wine grape native to Italy.

Where grown: In Friuli Venezia.Giulia it is found only in the province of Pordenone, close to Friuli Venezia Giulia’s western border with Veneto. There is no DOC, and so the only wines available are generic vino da tavola or IGT (such as Delle Venezia and Venezia Giulia).

Viticulture: Medium-large compact bunches; large berries with thick skins.

Wine style: A good ucelut made from late-harvested grapes is a wonderful dessert wine that is not overly sweet and not too full-bodied, characterized by aromas and flavors of ripe citrus, pineapple, and sweet almonds; while sweet almonds, acacia honey, ripe mango, and dried apricot are common in the wines made by air-drying the grapes.


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