Trebbiano Romagnolo | Native Italian grape variety, member of the Trebbiano group of mostly unrelated grape varieties. Trebbiano Romagnolo is one of Italy’s most planted white grape varieties. Plantings are concentrated in Emilia-Romagna especially in the province of Ravenna, where it is often called Trebbiano Fiamma, and Forlì. It is often mixed up in the vineyard with Trebbiano Toscano and, like all Trebbianos, it is a productive variety.

Wine style | Even an average Trebbiano Romagnolo wine is a step-up compared to those made with old vine Trebbiano Toscano, boasting a riper fruit profile and denser palate. (However, different biotypes of Trebbiano Romagnolo likely exist, so they are not all equally qualitative.) Still, its wines fail to excite and are made to be consumed when very young. Dry still and sparkling wines are most common. Varietal versions are rare to come by as it is often co-planted.


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