Tintore di Tramonti | Red wine grape native to Italy. The words Tintore and Tramonti tell you all you need to know. Tintore indicates yet another teinturier grape, thus-called because its juice is very intensely colored, and Tramonti is the name of the must-see little town on the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Where grown: In Campania  it is a rare variety. It is grown mainly in the beautiful countryside around Tramonti, less in the Valle dell’Irno, near Salerno. The DOC Costa d’Amalfi Rosso, subzone Tramonti and to a lesser degree, subzones Ravello and Furore are the wines most likely to contain small percentages of this variety.

Viticulture: It is very vigorous, high yielding, and rustic, but sensitive to botrytis bunch rot and berry shatter.

Wine style: Besides a deep hue, the wines exude lovely ripe red cherry and almost jammy, spicy aromas and flavours, but with very high levels of acidity. As the grapes are often slightly air-dried, the tannins are usually remarkably smooth.


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