Terrano is a red wine grape native to Italy. The name Terrano refers to the wine’s very dark color, reminiscent of tar (ter in German). Terrano is also called Cagnina, Teran, Refosco del Carso or Refosco d’Istria.

Where grown: Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Emilia Romagna: typical of the Carso region around Trieste (the most famous Carso area) and around Gorizia, the DOC is called Carso Terrano. The variety grows in Emilia-Romagna in the Forlì and Ravenna provinces (Lambrusco Pjcol Ros); the wine is the DOC Romagna Cagnina.

Viticulture: Large-sized bunches and berries. Vigorous and with abundant and regular productivity; good disease resistance.

Wine style: Purple-ruby, with expressive violet, blackberry, and black-currant aromas and fla- vors, with almost painful acidity and strong minerality. Cagnina di Romagna is a light-bodied sweet wine, with fragrant and delicately sweet red-berry aromas and flavours.


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